Panic Attack Treatment Without Medication

Panic attacks are scary. Until a person has had one, they don’t know just how terrifying an experience they can be. It feels as if one is experiencing a heart attack. People experiencing panic attacks for the first time often think they are experiencing a heart attack. Some people think that they need medication to prevent the onset of more from happening. However, a panic attack treatment without medication is entirely possible.


With panic attacks, the heart pounds, the chest hurts, the mind races uncontrollably and there is little rationale as to what is occurring. A person who has had a panic attack fears having more. In turn, the fear of one happening actually brings on more. This is due to the fact that panic attacks happen without warning and can happen anywhere at any time.

Panic attacks can last anywhere between minutes and hours. Panic attack symptoms can include dizziness, a fear of dying, hot flashes or chills and the feeling of going insane. Panic attacks start out without warning and reach a peak in which the symptoms are intensely felt and then taper off. Panic attacks can be a huge inconvenience to say the least.

There are several causes for panic attacks

Panic attacks can result from phobias; however, the onset of panic attacks can also cause them. Panic attacks can be brought on by anxiety, depression and stress. It is vital to the health of the individual to rid of these problems as soon as possible to rid of the panic attacks. Rid of the root cause without medication and the panic attacks will stop.

People can experience panic attacks because of heredity or from stress that builds up over time. People that experience panic attacks generally have a worried outlook on life. The things they worry about often become the triggers that bring on the panic attacks. Also, people that are less assertive are more likely to experience panic attacks. However, it’s possible to change this and to get stress, depression and anxiety treatment without medication since what occurs is often due to a person’s outlook on life.


Several methods are available to treating and preventing panic attacks. Relaxation can make all the difference in the world for preventing panic attacks from happening. This can be done with meditation or yoga, amongst several other methods for relieving stress.

Despite the perception that panic attacks are scary, it is actually the body’s response to what it perceives as a threat and the classic “fight or flight” scenario is essentially what a panic attack is. Understandably, not knowing how to avoid panic attacks is equally terrifying. Heading to a professional is the best option in exploring the possibilities to relive panic attacks.


However, there are solutions to break the cycle. You can obtain a panic attack treatment naturally. Not only this, but you can expect to accomplish a panic attack treatment at home. It is also possible to get a panic attack treatment with diet, herbs and without pills.