Panic Attack Treatment at Home

Panic attacks are not fun. Between the physical symptoms and the fact that your friends and family often just don’t get it, panic attacks can leave the sufferer feeling very alone. Thankfully, between medication, therapy and all natural, homemade panic attack treatments, panic attack treatment at home is possible.

The first line of defense for someone suffering from panic attacks is a good therapist. Seeing a therapist can help alleviate the underlying issues. A therapist can also help you learn more about the triggers of your panic attacks and how to prevent an attack.

Medication is also a good option for panic attacks. Long term medications such as antidepressants and a blood pressure medication known as clonidine have been used with much success. Medications can also be given on an as needed basis. Benzodiazepines, such as xanax and ativan, and antihistimines, such as atarax, can be used when early signs of a panic attack occur. A variety of vitamins, minerals and creams can also be useful for panic attacks. Panic attack drugs are typically given for home use. Care should be used with driving until you know how the medication will react.

Treatments You Can Use At Home

For many people, a desire to manage this without medications drives them to seek alternative treatments. These are especially good for children or in situations, such as driving, where medication is not the best idea. These treatments are free The very best part is that these methods can be used everywhere. They can be used in the kitchen, office, at school or work or even in your own home or apartment. Many suggestions for this kind of panic attack treatment can be found online.

Breathing Techniques

The most useful of the alternate treatments for many people is breathing techniques. There are literally thousands of techniques used by people every day. For many, a simple technique, such as breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts and then breathe out for four counts, is the best to use because they can remember it in that moment.

Visualization techniques

Another alternative treatment that works for many is visualization techniques. Visualization techniques often involve creating and maintaining a safe place within the mind. The visualizer creates a scene, for example the beach or a forest and they feel the panic attack starting, they then go to that safe place.

Often, panic attacks can be warded off by distraction. Keep a list of things you enjoy doing and the items needed to do a few of those things nearby. This is an important step to true management of panic attacks at home.

Grounding techniques

This technique can also be helpful if used at the beginning of a panic attack. Grounding techniques remind the sufferer that they are in the here and now. They can pull a person out of their past experiences and the panic those can cause. Mental grounding techniques can involve naming categories of items, conjugating verbs, counting real estate signs or other minor mental exercises. Physical grounding can involve tasting, and enjoying a favorite food or candy, feeling the texture of the furniture or carpet, taking a sip of ice water or even feeling things in your pocket.

Finding methods to truly manage panic attacks can make all the difference. Using a combination of the various methods is the best way to cure panic attacks once and for all.