Nocturnal Panic Attacks Treatment

Nocturnal panic attacks are a waking nightmare. I suffered from them for years, thinking I was crazy or that I was a victim of sleep apnea. I even considered a sleep study to try and find answers. I just wanted to find a panic attack treatment that worked. They wouldn’t happen all of the time but when they did, night panic attacks were terrifying. I would come out of a sound sleep, imagining that I was choking with my heart pounding in my chest. Gasping for breath, sometimes clawing my own throat thinking that I had swallowed something, I would jump out of bed, my whole body shaking. Eventually, through research, I realized I was suffering from nocturnal panic attacks and I wanted panic attacks help desperately.

It became my mission to eradicate nocturnal panic attacks and I began looking for nocturnal panic attacks prevention. I needed to know what to do when they hit and also wanted to find out if I could avoid them from happening again. They aren’t pretty and actually made me truly miserable every time they occurred. I noticed that there was a correlation between my emotional state and my nocturnal panic attacks. At my most stressed times, my panic attacks would strike.

The Natural Approach

I discovered that there is nocturnal panic attacks treatment and it doesn’t have to be with the medical community. Those who suffer any sort of panic attack or anxiety disorder that is so extreme they cannot function or are becoming suicidal should seek professional help without a doubt. However, for someone like me who could keep it together but couldn’t stand the disruption of my sleep and peace of mind, the natural approach may work.

The starting point for me was to begin with yoga. I do yoga when I first wake up in the morning and again before bed. It centers me, soothes, and relaxes. In addtion, I am in better physical condition as well. I put relaxing music on at night and also drink chamomile tea before bed which has a calming, sleepy effect. A pleasant air freshener with lavendar has also proven effective in creating the best atmosphere for sleep. On the rare occasion that an attack occurs, I now use deep breathing techniques and meditation should I awaken.

If I can’t sleep right away, I read a book, anything to stay calm. While my nocturnal panic attacks treatment may not work for everyone, it is worth a try. I take St. John’s Wort in a supplement each day and it has made a world of difference. I feel better, less anxious, and my night episodes are few and far between. I’ve also learned not to internalize so many things. If I am stressed or worried about something, I talk about it and get my fears in the open so they can be dealt with and don’t come back to haunt me in the night in the form of nocturnal panic attacks.