Natural Panic Attack Treatment

Panic attacks are no fun. They are actually quite terrifying. I know from personal experience. It’s similar to what is described for those suffering from a heart attack. The heart starts to race and palpitate, the irregular fluttering make a person fear that he or she is in major trouble and sometimes there is even chest pain involved. The hands become sweaty, a person is jumpy, and there’s such an overwhelming feeling of fear. Sometimes a victim can’t breathe and may even faint. However, there is hope with natural panic attack treatment that has worked for me and it can work for you too if you have an open mind and you’re willing to give it a try.

Natural panic attack causes are not always known.

They can come at any time, while sleeping or be brought on all of the sudden. Sometimes they are triggered by something that makes an individual uncomfortable such as being exposed to heights, having to enter a crowded area, or when one has to speak in front of others. Sometimes they are linked to depression or anxiety disorders. A person may have one full-blown attack and never experience another or may be like me and have them regularly. My worst panic attacks actually were triggered in my sleep. I would awaken with the sensation that I couldn’t breathe, my heart pounding in my chest and my heart pounding. It was a terrible feeling and one that I had to stop. I looked for home panic attack treatment to end my symptoms and was very relieved when I found natural panic attack treatment is possible and does work.

Prescription Medication

Many people turn to the medical community and prescription medication for anxiety and panic attack treatment. However, they often make errors in diagnosis or they simply prescribe drugs that may cause other nasty side effects that are not welcome. I didn’t want to become chemically dependent and looked for natural ways to solve my panic attacks.

Natural Panic Attack Treatments Are Effective

One of the most effective methods I’ve found is relaxation techniques. Yoga is a wonder. I begin my day with it and it grounds me, giving me balance while you may find that it works wonders at the end of the long, work day, relaxing you at night, the time when my attacks would strike. Deep breathing and meditation with soothing music are also helpful. Should an attack strike, they are a good starting point. Taking a moment for yourself each day is key as well. Soak in a hot bath and shut out the rest of the world for a while. Find a private place and lose yourself in a book. Regardless of how hectic life is, you need to make yourself a priority. When it comes to herbal remedies, St. John’s Wort, Lavendar and Lemon Balm when used regularly have proven to be effective for natural panic attack treatment. St. John’s Wort daily works for me.