Best Treatment For Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks are feelings of fear and terror that start without any a person knowing that they will happen. Panic attacks can occur anytime, day or night and sometimes even when we’re sleeping. Some who have panic attacks feel like they’re having a heart attack or that something awful will happen. When a person has a panic attack, he or she has some of the following symptoms: feeling faint or dizzy, having a racing heart, feeling terror or fear, having chest pains, difficulty breathing and feeling out of control. So what is the best panic attack treatment?

Treatments Are Different For Each Person

No one is certain as to why panic attacks happen and that is what treatment plans for panic attacks are different for each person. Some use medication to prevent panic attacks or to lessen the symptoms of a panic attack. Relaxation techniques, psychotherapy, meditation have been known to help a person relax and take away some of the anxiety. Also, certain sedatives are given to some to help symptoms of this illness and often they are given to a person when he or she is in the middle of a panic attack.

It seems with those who have panic attacks, that once they have one for instance when shopping in a very crowded store, he or she may begin to develop fears about the store that are irrational and then begin to avoid them at all costs. This kind of fear can build up over time and get to the point where even thinking about a certain fear can bring on an attack. Sometimes a panic disorder can lead to agoraphobia.

Drugs For Panic Attacks

There are various and effective treatments for panic attacks such as medical treatments and psychotherapy. Examples of best drugs for panic attacks are Paxil and Celexa. However, when taking these medications, it is important that see your doctor often in case you have any side effects from the medication.

Psychotherapy Without Medication

In addition, there are some who feel that psychotherapy, along with medication, is very effective in treating this disorder. It is considered by some to be a top treatment for panic attacks. Some even feel that psychotherapy without medication is even more effective in overcoming panic attacks. With this kind of therapy, the therapist helps the sufferer see where the panic attacks are coming from and then work with him or her to lessen the irrational thought and behaviors. Psychotherapy can be given individually, in a group or as a partner-assisted therapy.

Natural Stress Relievers

It is important to note that a person who suffers from this disorder can do a few things to help lessen the panic attacks such as limiting their consumption of alcohol and caffeine, getting more exercise, doing some deep breathing techniques, massage therapy and yoga. Research has shown that such activities decrease the severity and number of panic attacks. A natural treatment for panic attacks is to take several deep breaths, slow down and understand that the panic attack will be over soon or may not even occur. The best stress relievers for a panic attack are: getting a good night’s sleep, preparing as best as you can for an upcoming stressful event and keeping the event in perspective. Replacing negative thoughts about situations with positive thoughts and images, have helped many with panic attacks.


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