Panic Attack Exercise Cure

by Jay

Exercise is a great way to help reduce the fear around having a panic attack and of course exercise is great for you in many ways but it will not cure panic attacks.

When you do any cardiovascular workout your heart starts beating harder but you stay calm and after a short time your heart beat slows down back to normal.

When you have a panic attack your heart starts beating harder but this time you become very fearful that something is wrong which makes it beat even harder and can send you into a panic.

Try doing a bit of exercise and feel how clam you are even when your heart is beating quite hard. You’re not scared and your heart beat slows down when you stop exercising and you’ve stayed calm the whole way through.

Next time you feel a panic attack coming on try remembering how normal it is for your heart to beat harder and how calm you were during exercise and after. If you associate your heart beating harder with a normal body reaction then you may find that your next panic attack subsides quite rapidly.

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