Breathing Panic Attacks Cure

by Jay

Can breathing exercises cure panic attacks? Breathing exercises can prevent a panic attack escalating and reduce the symptoms quite rapidly. Many suffers use this technique whenever they start feeling quite anxious. When a panic attack starts your breathing becomes shallow and fast and your heart starts beating faster. Try to slow down your breathing while taking deep breaths. You need to fill up your lungs slowly then exhale slowly.

David D. Burns has some useful breathing exercises for those suffering from anxiety. One such breathing exercise is a 5-2-5 count. Using the stomach (or diaphragm) – and not the chest – you inhale (feel your stomach come out, as opposed to your chest expanding) for 5 seconds. As you reach the maximal point at inhalation, hold your breath for 2 seconds. Then slowly exhale, over 5 seconds. Repeat this cycle twice, and then breathe ‘normally’ for 5 cycles (1 cycle = 1 inhale + 1 exhale). The point is to focus on the breathing, and relax the heart-rate.

Physical exercise, 30 minutes a day, is also extremely important, as well as nutrition and healthy sleeping habits. Many panic attack sufferers as well as doctors recommend breathing into a paper bag as an effective short-term treatment of an acute panic attack.[22] However, this treatment has been criticised by others as ineffective and possibly hazardous to the patient, even potentially worsening the panic attack. Critics say that this technique can fatally lower oxygen levels in the blood stream, and increase carbon dioxide levels, which in turn has been found to be a major cause of panic attacks.

It is therefore important to discover whether hyperventilation is truly involved in each case. If it is, then rebalancing the oxygen and CO2 levels in the blood and/or re-establishing an even, measured breathing pattern is an appropriate treatment which may be also achieved by extending the outbreath either by counting or even humming.

Source: Wikipedia

Using breathing to reduce the symptoms of panic attacks really does work. Make sure you practice this breathing technique so you know what to do next time you feel an attack coming on.

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